I have a great deal of originals that are piling up.  So I’m willing to do the following for you:

  1. Rent Art – You can try before you buy.  I’m offering art rentals for homes, stagers, and offices for 1 to 6 month terms.  At $95/month, you could have 5  framed originals decorating your home or office.  I will help you choose the best art pieces to fit for your space and install them for you.  If you fall in love with one or more of the artworks, you can have the monthly rent paid deducted from your purchase price.
  2. Group Purchase – I’m willing to let go of varying sizes of framed originals for a discounted price of $1,995 in a group purchase of 5 artworks.  I will help you select and curate for any space that you have in mind to enhance with original art.
  3. Customer Discounts – If you have previously purchased at least one of my artworks, or attended my Creative Canvas classes, I have a selection of original artworks that I’m willing to let go of at 30% off.

Give me a call, if you would like to see what I have available in my studio.