Sometimes I’m vision challenged.  I’ve spent years here and there working on a vision for my future.  I’ve put together copious notes in multiple journals building my visions, my dreams, and my intentions that I have for the future.  I have many art projects, business ventures, health plans, learning activities, and retirement plans in my head.  They are all up there bouncing around in my noggin, and spread out around my home and office in the form of vision boards, notes on my walls, and a filing cabinet full of information to support these ideas.  There is so much information there, it is difficult to stay focussed and working on any one particular thing.

The problem is that it doesn’t feel fresh anymore, it feels stale, hashed out, and there is a lot of guilt associated with not getting on with it.  What I need is to get out of the procrastination and into a continuous flow of goal getting, and progress towards the big hairy audacious goal.

I’ve found that to stay true to a vision is a process, and it is a lot like painting a masterpiece.  My process for applying insight and vision through the creative process goes as follows:

1)     Get inspired by something and anchor on that.

2)     Create a plan.  Identify what, where, when, and how you will create.

3)     Get started. Begin your creation after some introspective meditation on the plan

4)     Develop your awareness.  Without judging yourself, notice your progress on that creation, and what is putting you on the fast track to completion, and what is slowing you down or stopping you from getting there.

5)     Adjust the vision.  Look at where you have been.  Look at where you are going.  Pay attention to how things have changed and reflect on what is needed now.

6)     Adjust the plan. Be flexible and make the necessary changes to move towards a new slightly modified vision that will take you to the best possible result based upon where you are.

7)     Repeat steps 3 – 6 until you have created the masterpiece and achieved your goal.

Staying with this process has always worked for me.  Try it for yourself!