The arts are fundamental to our humanity.  They inspire us – fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty.  When businesses have no visuals on their walls, their offices are uninspiring and their business can appear to be stagnating. Showing beautifully executed examples of contemporary art in a business creates a hyper-stimulating environment that fosters innovative and collaborative thinking for its employees, and sets the business apart as a leader in their community.

Five good reasons for putting original art on office walls:

  1. Businesses that show original art portray a stronger image of success and tend to draw more customers.
  2. Exciting art tends to motivate customers to engage with staff.
  3. Art customizes a business image and says something about its values and attitude.
  4. Art stimulates the viewer and leads them forward in all things. Having interesting art around makes employees more engaged and more inspired to be innovative.
  5. Business can achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives by investing in the arts. When you support the arts, it has a positive impact on the development of your community and your social networks.

If your firm (or you) is looking to gain an edge, here are some innovative approaches businesses have used to foster creative thinking and broadmindedness through art:

  • Line your walls; Buy original art that fits your style of business and your needs.  Eg. Put landscape art in waiting rooms to calm your patrons, abstract art in boardrooms to stimulate thinking, and large high impact art in foyers to capture customer attention.
  • Get fresh insights and approaches to problem solving; Pair working teams with a Creative Facilitator/Artist, who will engage them in Creative Conversations  in a fun, focused way leading the team to be more resourceful and creative in their day to day jobs.
  • Improve networking skills; Take your employees and customers to galleries for intimate, mind-opening and fun discussions.
  • Keep the creative energy moving; Line your walls with rented art, and change it out regularly. I have originals and canvas prints for rent and have access to the artwork of many artists, so call me if you are interested in trying out this option.